When My Loved One Passes Away With Valuables??

When My Loved One Passes Away With Valuables??

Estate Jewelry

Where do I start when my loved one passes away with valuables??

When a loved one passes, the last thing on the family’s mind is researching precious metals, coins and jewelry from an inheritance.  We have reviewed/purchased hundreds of precious metal, coins & jewelry estates from local families.  Years of experience has helped us develop a 3 step checklist for families to help them stay organized and efficient in what can be a very difficult and emotional time.

1)   Organize the items. 
Most estate valuables can be broken into a few categories. Estate Jewelry, scrap Jewelry, gold or silver bullion coins or bars, collectable coins and older US minted coins, silverware and flatware are the items we specialize in and we can help with.  Group items in containers or boxes with like items, this will make the evaluation process more efficient and organized.  Additional items with potential value include sports cards & collectables, collectable sets and historical/antique items.  We have contacts and buyers from each of the above industries and would be glad to assist in connecting you with trusted experts who specialize in estate purchases.

2)   Find a licensed precious metal dealer to review your estate items.
Precious metal dealers fall under federal banking regulations which means they undergo a vetting process which provides peace of mind for customers and the public.  An additional way to prequalify the dealer you are visiting is check their Google or Facebook pages and reviews.  No business can make everyone happy but consider how they handle a bad review?  What is the overall community perspective of the business?  Answers to these questions will help you get a feel for the business and the people that work there before you arrive.

3)   Make an appointment.
It is important that the local dealer has time to review your items.  We have had estates that take multiple hours over multiple visits to work through.  If we know someone is coming in during business hours, we will be sure to have multiple associates working to take care of our regular customers while also evaluating the estate items efficiently.  For a larger estate with multiple large boxes, sometimes the best way for the precious metals dealer to take the necessary time to evaluate the items is during off hours.  We offer before and after hours or weekend appointments in these instances.

Whether we meet with an attorney or the family we are careful and thorough with our review of estate items.  We pride ourselves on paying a fair price and have seen many of our estate customers come back multiple times with additional items or when an additional loved one passes away.  From an inheritance of $500,000 in silver and gold bullion coins and bars, to a handful of Gold necklaces and jewelry that has no sentimental value to the loved ones, each family is treated with care and compassion.  We also provide free estimates and in many cases pay with cash on the spot.  Regardless, we promise to make the process as efficient and painless as possible.  We have helped countless families throughout Ohio transition estate items into liquid funds that can be used for final expenses or other expenditures.  If you or your family have any further questions please stop in or give us a call today!

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