Should I Buy Silver or Gold Bullion

Should I Buy Silver or Gold Bullion

gold & silver coins.

One of the most common questions from our customers at P&G Jewelers in Wooster, Ohio is “should I invest in Gold or Silver Bullion Coins?” We typically respond with a few questions to help us find an answer for the individual client:

1) What is your budget for bullion??
2) How much room do you have in a safe to keep the silver or gold bullion secure??
3) What is the market telling us about prices and opportunities for growth of your investment??

1) Budget for Gold or Silver purchase
The budget can easily determine your direction to either silver or gold bullion, coins or bars.  If you have a budget of say $200 per month, that eliminates Gold as a possibility as there are very few gold bullion or coin options in that price range.  This would quickly steer you to silver coins and bullion.  In instances where the budget for gold or silver purchase is larger, we suggest a mix of Gold and silver to diversify the investment for the client.

2) Space in a safe for Silver or Gold bullion
A larger safe means more options.  Depending on the budget, a 1000 oz silver purchase could be too large to fit in a small safe.  If the client has other items in the safe, this may be an instance where it makes more sense to buy gold since a gold purchase with the same budget may be in the 15-16 oz range at current market prices which takes up very little space in a safe.

3) What is the market telling us about opportunities and growth of a gold and silver bullion investment??
At present, the market is telling us that current inflation presents opportunities for tangible goods including precious metals in the form of physical gold and silver.  Anytime there are inflationary pressures on the economy, prices rise.  Gold and Silver also have applications in manufacturing and technology, jewelry and many other uses.  As of today, August 16th 2021, Gold is at 1780 off of it’s all time high of 2000.3.  Silver sits at 23.84 off of its all time high of 29.14.  So there appear to be upside opportunities in either precious metal.

Each person and situation is different, if you have any questions about if Gold or Silver bullion or coins and which would be the best fit for you, please stop in or call us at P&G.

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Disclaimer:  We are not financial advisors, our blogs are for informative purposes only and not to be taken as financial advise or counsel.  Please see your financial advisor for risks and advantages of investing in gold or silver.


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