How To Get the Best Price For Your Coins

Those uninitiated to trading in coins, getting the best price for coins can sometimes be a daunting experience. Sure, you can always trade in coins for their face value, but when a coin is deemed rare or desirable, selling it at the right price can be a challenge—especially if you are working with a dealer who is less than reputable.
If you have a collection of coins, your first step should be to have them reviewed by either an independent expert or a licensed dealer, such as P&G Jeweler & Coin in Wooster, Ohio. When working with a dealer, it’s important to remember that price and value are two different things. “Value” is what the ideal buyer would pay for the coin based on its condition, year, mintmark, scarcity, melt weight, and a host of other factors. Of course, dealers cannot run a business by simply buying coins at their value; they have to put in the legwork and offer up the shelf space to actually sell the item, so you can expect to receive a bit less than the full value of your collectible, gold, and silver coins. Therefore, the “price” of the coin is what you can expect to receive if you should sell it to a dealer.
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If you are looking to get rid of a coin collection to free up some cash, some options include dealers, auction houses, coin shows, online coin dealers, and eBay. Pawn shops typically do not have the experience to accurately price rare and collectible coins and will, therefore, undershoot a coin’s real value.
Get the Best Price for Your Coin Collection at P&G Jewelry & Coin:
At P&G Jewelry & Coin, we have the knowledge and reputation to give you a fair price for your rare coin or coin collection. And, as licensed gold and silver dealers, we can offer you a peace of mind during and after your sale. For a free assessment of a rare coin or a complete collection of coins, visit P&G Jewelry & Coin, today!
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