Investing In Gold and Silver

If you’re reading this article, there’s a good chance you already know the answer to the question we posed in the heading: “Should you invest in silver and gold bars, bullion, and coins?” And, that answer is an absolute “YES!”
The United States’ monetary system uses a fiat currency that relies on the issuance of debt to remain stable (and pay off its own ever-expanding debts). What does this mean for you, the citizen? It means that any paper currency or cash you have in the bank is depreciating in value by the day.
When most of us go grocery shopping we think, “Wow, I can’t believe prices have gone up again.” In reality, it’s not that prices are going up, but the value of our currency is always on the decline. Therefore, manufacturers and retailers have to raise their prices in order to adjust for the real value of U.S. currency.
Precious metals such as silver and gold bullion, coins, and rounds — while they can fluctuate — will never lose their value (compared to paper fiat currencies). Throughout history, precious metals have been the safest bet to personal financial stability.
What about ETFs and Gold Certificates?

In times of war, bank defaults, and other crises, physical possession of precious metals is the only way to guarantee the financial security of you and your family. If you are considering an investment in precious metals, visit P&G Jewelry and Coin in Wooster, Ohio, where we would be happy to recommend the type of investment that’s right for you.

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