What Are My Old Coins Worth?

What Are My Old Coins Worth?

Rare/vintage coins.
1899 Morgan Dollar

We see countless old coins every month and the number one question we hear from people inheriting coins or getting started with collecting coins is “how much are my coins worth?”.  We can certainly answer that question for you but there are also a few things you can do to get an idea for yourself.  Identifying these 3 characteristics about your coin or coins will get you on your way to understanding what your coin might be worth.

1)  Figure out which coin you have.
The most important detail to determine a coins value is the type of coin it is.  If it doesn’t say on the coin you can google the words on the coin to get an idea.  If you get stumped, don’t worry, we have many resources to help find answers.

2) Start with the date
Older coins almost always have a date on them.  Two of the exact same coins in the exact same condition can have thousands of dollars of difference in value based on the date.  The date and mint mark help differentiate your coin from others that may look exactly the same but have a different value.

1906 Barber Half Dollar

3) Is your coin from 1964 or before
Most coins made in 1964 or before had silver or maybe even gold value.  These coins can have value 2 ways.  If they are in good to great condition, they can have value based on the quality and rarity of the coin (numismatic value) or even if they aren’t in good condition they can have substantial value based on their silver or gold content.  These coins are typically the ones that we pay out the most for on any given month at the store.

This simple information can help you identify and value your coin or coins.  We have done various types of valuations from formal estate and trust coin appraisals to informal small collection valuations.   If you are in need of these or any other coin related services please let us know.

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